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About us

Within Africa’s intricate tapestry of history and culture, a silent narrative emerges—the compelling tale of formerly imprisoned women. Beyond societal judgment and the confines of bars, these resilient individuals offer unique perspectives on justice, resilience, and reform.
The Beyond the Bars Africa Conference is a dedicated platform committed to amplifying their voices, illuminating the path toward a more equitable African society. This conference extends a heartfelt invitation to policymakers, activists, community leaders, and the public, urging active engagement and meaningful action.
Beyond the Bars Africa Conference transcends conventional conference boundaries; it’s a dynamic movement reshaping perceptions, advocating for inclusive policies, and propelling momentum for rehabilitation and reintegration post-incarceration. 
Please join us in crafting a more just and compassionate society, weaving a brighter future into Africa’s vibrant narrative.
Through Panel Discussions, Keynote Addresses and Interactive Workshops, participants will...

Understand the multifaceted challenges faced by formerly imprisoned women in Africa, from social stigma to economic hardships.

Delve deep into policy analysis and ideation, aimed at forging a path for these women to reintegrate into society, not merely as participants, but as pivotal contributors.

Ignite partnerships across sectors to ensure holistic support systems for women post-incarceration.

Embrace the vision of a united Africa, where justice doesn’t end at the prison gates, but continues, ensuring every individual’s right to a dignified life.

Our stories

Betty Khaguhia

After two years behind bars, Betty Khaguhia emerged with a newfound purpose, turning her pain into an unstoppable passion. Witness the inspiring journey as she transforms adversity into advocacy, rewriting her story of resilience and redemption...

Sarah Odima

Her unwavering resilience, marked by a refusal to surrender, prompted a re-evaluation of her case, ultimately resulting in her subsequent release which...


Arrested for hawking, Emma's world crumbled as thugs attacked her husband, leaving their children alone. Yet, from the debris of despair, emerges a tale of unyielding resilience....

The Event Speakers

Dr. Patricia Murugami

Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Leadership Transformation (BLT).

Peter Kimani

National Chaplain of the Catholic Chaplaincy and Deputy Director of Kenya Prisons Chaplaincy

Teresa Njoroge

Founder and CEO - Clean Start Africa. Convenor, BTB Africa Conference

Apostle Angie Murenga

CEO- Kingdom Business Solutions

Renee Ngamau

Global Board Member - Amnesty International

Malele Ngalu

Regional Director - Oasis International


Founder and executive director of PadMad

Dr. Kofi Osei-Kusi

President of the Pan-African Leadership Institute

Sam Munyuwiny

Sam Munyuwiny

Rebbeca Mumo

Deputy Executive Director Clean Start Africa

Pius Nyakayiro

Executive Director of Good News and Peace Rwanda

Cheryl Wilkins

Co Director Centre for Justice Columbia University

Mary Kaptyuia

Founder & CEO of Kotoeia Solutions

Janet Wambui

Consultant - CPAN (Child protection Advocacy Network)

Rev. Dr. Edward Buri

Presbyterian Church of East Africa - Embakasi Parish

Dr. Simeon P. Sungi

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Mbithe Wambua

Cluster Director Of Talent & Culture(Hr)-Fairmont Hotels And Resorts Kenya

Ednah Wanjiku

Pastor at Karura Community Chapel

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Clean Start Solutions is dedicated to helping women and their children affected by the Criminal Justice System. Our unique approach involves restoring hope, dignity, and self-confidence to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and girls. We strive to break the cycles of poverty, crime, and recidivism by providing comprehensive support for successful reintegration.

Our programs encompass employment training, psychosocial support, entrepreneurship, and vocational training, empowering women to establish sustainable livelihoods post-release. Through our efforts, we have established a dynamic coalition of formerly imprisoned women across different chapters in Kenya. This peer-driven movement is founded on the women’s skills, enabling them to actively advocate for prison reforms and Non-Custodial Sentences.


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